Spyderco Delica 4 Review

The Spyderco Delica 4 is a stylish offering from the well known knife manufacturer Spyderco. I have made no secret of the fact that I own a number of knives from the company (I have also reviewed the Spyderco Tenacious before) and I am impressed with every one of them. I am an active fisherman and my everyday fishing knife is a Spyderco. The company is based in Golden, Colorado and was founded by Sal Glesser who developed the C01 Worker. Today, there are numerous different models and the Delicia is one of the oldest and most popular knives. The Delicia 4 is an update of an old favorite and I was so happy to get my hands on this one to review. Let’s find out if it holds up to my high expectations and from what we have all come to expect from a fine knife company!

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A Spyderco Delica 4 Blue pocket knife in the open position.

A striking design and a great little knife. This is just one of the colors available.

Important Specifications and Features

Overall length7.12 inches (18.08 cm)
Closed length4.25 inches (10.79 cm)
Blade length2.87 inches (7.29 cm)
Blade materialVG-10 stainless steel
Weight2.5 ounces (70.87 grams)
Approx. PriceAbout $50-60

My Impressions and Review


The blade of the Delica 4 is made from VG-10, which is a higher-quality Japanese steel that was originally designed by Takefu Special Steel for the kitchen knife market. However, pocket knife manufacturers soon learned that this steel was perfect for use in their products. Some of the features of the steel that make this perfect for a pocket knife include; high quality rust resistance, ability to hold a super sharp edge and ease of sharpening. Spyderco, along with rival manufacturer SOG, uses this steel for a number of their knives.

One of the main negatives of this knife is the optional titanium carbon nitride blade coating. This gives the blade a great tactical black appearance, but this coating is too easy to scratch and this black coating will eventually wear off. In fact, with only moderate use I noticed scratches and marks on the coating. This does not affect the quality of the steel, but it does detract from the overall look. I wouldn’t recommend this coating to prospective buyers.

The knife features a flat grind drop point blade. This means that the blade is perfectly suited to both slicing and dicing and is capable of cutting just about any material. The blade of this knife is super sharp right out of the box. Sharpening this blade is quite easy and the blade gets super sharp. However, it doesn’t retains an edge as well as other types of steel.
Spyderco Delica 4 in brown color.


The dimensions of this knife make it a perfect everyday carry knife (EDC). It weighs just 2.5 ounces, which is much lighter than a number of the more expensive EDC knives on the market. Of course, to have a knife that weighs so little means that there will be some sacrifices. The blade length is just 2.8 inches long and this will put some people off. The Delica 4 features a quad mount pocket clip (this means that it can be carried tip up or down as well as for a left or right-handed carry). It also features a lanyard hole for those who prefer to carry the knife this way. The knife also comes in a number of colors, including pink, purple, brown, green and blue.


A pink Spyderco Delica 4  in folded position.

Pretty in pink!

The knife handle is made of a material called fiberglass-reinforced nylon (FRN) and it has liners made of stainless steel. The FRN material is textured and provides perfect grip for a knife handle. This knife is comfortable to hold in any conditions and I experienced no slipping during use. I really appreciate the overall ergonomics of this knife.


As you would expect from a Spyderco knife, the mechanism of the Delica 4 is superb. The blade opens smoothly and easily and, with the addition of the trademark “spyder hole” thumbhole, one-handed opening is a breeze. The locking mechanism works really well and keeps the blade locked in open and closed positions.

Useability and Care

The knife is perfect for many cutting tasks and is a great all round option for those that require an EDC knife. Some users have reported some vertical blade play when using high levels of force, but I couldn’t replicate the problem with the knife that I tested. The VG-10 is relatively easy to sharpen, but I was a little disappointed at its ability to hold an edge. You can expect to sharpen this knife more often than other models. The handle and blade are held together with Torx screws so you can disassemble the knife for cleaning or maintenance. The weight of this knife makes it perfect for an EDC and It is so light that I sometimes forgot that I was carrying it. The pocket clip is lower quality than I expected (some users have reported breakages), and some users feel it rides a little high in the pocket.


Considering the high end steel and high quality construction you could expect to pay close to $100 for this knife. However, the fact that you can pick up a Delica 4 for under $55 is truly amazing. This means that you are getting a high quality knife for a relative bargain. It is for this reason that we can happily recommend the Delica 4 to prospective buyers.

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Conclusion and Rating

The Good: Lightweight and easy to carry, great high quality steel, very sharp.
The Bad: Some users report small vertical blade play under high exertion of force. Stay away from the optional black coating. Pocket clip could be improved.
Wrap up: This is one of the finest EDC knives that you can own and despite having high quality features it remains affordable. This one is knife that you must check out!

4.5 / 5 stars      

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